Since it was founded on 11 October 1988, the Sabino Arana Fundazioa (SAF) has strived to showcase our history and its preservation and dissemination. Our aim is always to keep the collection up to date and for our history to be read from the present. The emphasis is always on making an intellectual contribution so that the Basque Country continues to progress from a progressive, democratic and national approach.

We therefore draw on four main instruments: the forum for reflection and debate, Hermes - the history and philosophy magazine, the Museum of Basque Nationalism and the Historical Archive.


The Sabino Arana Fundazioa Board is made up of:

Chair Mireia Zarate Agirre
Graduate in Business Administration and Management. Master's Degree in Auditing.

Vice president Ainara Zelaia Markaida

Treasurer Aitor Alzola Martínez de Antoñana

Secretary Ignacio Etxeberria Olañeta
Lawyer economist


  • Miren Azkarate Villar: Professor of Basque Philology
  • Koro Garmendia Galbete: Graduate in Philosophy and Literature.
  • Mikel Hidalgo Bordegarai: Graduate in Business Administration and Management.
  • Asier Barandiaran Amarika
  • Dany Camblomg
Miles de vascos concentrados por las calles bizkaínas